Time and Time Again: Carly Glovinski

May 20 – September 3, 2022


Time and Time Again features a selection of works that highlight Carly Glovinski’s diverse and concept-driven creative practice. As the exhibition title suggests, the artist’s work emerges through repetitious acts that reflect the passage of time and natural cycles of renewal. Often Glovinski’s pieces are a response to a specific space—such as the monumental wall installation titled Parade created for the Zillman – in which the gallery walls are filled with an immersive array of painted flowers. The colorful cutout forms that meander around the walls are based on flowers the artist has gathered and pressed, their flattened shapes giving them a “nostalgic, keepsake quality.” While rooted in the representational, the flower petals also take on an abstract quality as the vivid paint passages bleed and bloom on the transparent Mylar. 

In Canning the Sunset, which Glovinski began in 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, she purposefully set out each day to capture nature’s fleeting moments of beauty. In roughly 100 recycled glass jars, the artist has recreated the sunset in meticulously dye-colored sand. Glovinski states, “The sunset marks the sky with color in a fleeting moment each day, slipping down behind the horizon like grains of sand through an hourglass. To try and capture it, contain it, or possess it, is a futile and impossible gesture”. These vivid and varied moments in time are arranged on a slender 13 foot floating shelf, as if to mimic the horizon line and the point in which shards of colored light and moving clouds dissolve into night.  


Painting and woven paper by Carly Glovinski      Jars of colored sand by Carly Glovinski

Left: CARLY GLOVINSKI (American, born 1981). Sun Basket, 2021. Colored pencil, graphite, correction fluid and woven paper. Courtesy of the artist and the Morgan Lehman Gallery.

Right: CARLY GLOVINSKI (American, born 1981). Canning the Sunset, 2020-2022. Colored sand in recycled jars. Courtesy of the artist and the Morgan Lehman Gallery.


Press Release for Carly Glovinski can be found here: CARLY GLOVINSKI_PressRelease