Living Windows – Gene A. Felice II and Kimathi Moore

October 27 – July 31, 2020

Living Windows is an immersive media installation that explores the forms and functions of micro and macro algae as sources of inspiration for art creation and digital storytelling.  This project follows a narrative that journeys through the depths of aquatic ecosystems in California, Maine and North Carolina. The viewer explores rivers and watersheds over time as they flow into Earth’s oceanic waters.


Image from Living Windows video installation by Gene Felice      Image from Living Windows video installation by Gene Felice

Gene A. Felice II (American, born 1985) and Kimathi Moore (American, born 1966). Living Windows, 2020. Mixed media installation: 3D Printed Sculptures, Video Projection Mapping, Immersive Sound Design. Courtesy of Gene Felice and Kimathi Moore, production and installation assistance by Arturo Camacho.