Resonant Places Paintings by Megan Chase

Resonant Places Paintings by Megan Chase

Megan Chase, a painter based in Belfast, Maine exhibits a series of expressionistic landscapes in which color is paramount. The artist states that, “color builds the images and space and is implicit in the development of meaning.” Inspiration for Chase’s paintings is derived from travel and from witnessing the play of light, color and pattern during her daily work on the family farm. In the large-scale work Untitled, 1999, golden hues dominate the composition, strong diagonals define the garden rows, and a faint figure carrying baskets of produce emerges from an array of brushstrokes; Dabs of blue, olive green, and bright red punctuate the landscape. With a desire to fully explore the material qualities of oil paint, Chase mixes a richly nuanced palette and applies the paint with gestural brushstrokes of varying sizes. The results of her process and, “the dance between palette and brush and surface,” are her inspired contemplations based on the memory of varied terrain.

Megan Chase received her certificate in Painting and Sculpture from the New York Studio School, New York City. Her paintings have been exhibited at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockport; Perimeter Gallery; Belfast, and Frederieke Taylor Gallery, NYC.