Inter/Dimension: Niho Kozuru

June 19th – September 19, 2015

Color and energy radiate from within the Zillman Gallery this summer in Inter/Dimension. The exhibition features works by Japanese-born artist Niho Kozuru, whose brightly tinted constructions are created from translucent cast rubber. Many of Kozuru’s forms are inspired by New England turned-wood architectural elements such as finials and balusters as well as industrial machine parts. Once cast by the artist in rich hues, the individual elements are reconfigured and stacked onto metal rods to form an array of pedestal and floor-based sculptures. When light interacts with the colored gelatinous forms, the sculptures take on an alluring glow. Also on display is a new selection of whimsical wall-based compositions that are an extension of the artist’s three dimensional works. Vividly colored, playful forms—bright orange, yellow and red—combine in a pulsating dance that brings to mind the dynamism of improvisational jazz. Kozuru, who is based in Boston, has exhibited her sculptures in galleries and museums in the United States and abroad. She is a fifth-generation artist in a family of renowned Japanese ceramists.

Fireworks by Niho Kozuro
NIHO KOZURU (Japanese, born 1968)
Positive Vibration: Fireworks, 2014 Cast rubber on panel
Courtesy of the artist and Miller Yezerski Gallery, Boston


Liquid Sunshine: Acorn, 2012 Cast rubber
Courtesy of the artist and Miller Yezerski Gallery, Boston