Implements: Recent Sculpture by J.T. Gibson

Implements Recent Sculpture by J.T. Gibson

Maine-based artist J.T. Gibson has created a new series of sculptures for this exhibition in the Leonard Gallery. Gibson’s sculptures are abstract, warm-toned forms that are loosely inspired by tools and machinery. The large-scale floor work End Game brings to mind the exaggerated profile and posture of Easter Island Moai figures or an enlarged handgrip.

Three of the works featured are created using a process of stacked lamination. After carving the forms, the artist then hand paints the sculptures using artists oils, tung oil and a tinted waterproof pine tar finish. In addition, Gibson debuts a new wall installation titled Operation Milkweed consisting of rust-orange forms that may reference seed pods or bombs. The curved work is created out of weathering steel with contrasting seams of stainless steel. Drift, a highly finished piece carved from black walnut, offers both man-made and organic associations such as the horn of an anvil, a thorn or perhaps a bird’s talon.

Gibson is constructing a new site-specific outdoor work that will be featured this summer at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art. His works were included in a recent exhibition at the Messler Gallery at the Maine Center for Fine Furniture in Rockport as well as UMMA’s I-95 Triennial exhibition.

Mourner 1
Mourner, 2010