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I 95 Triennial: A Survey from Four New England States

UMMA’s inaugural exhibition I-95 Triennial: A Survey from Four New England States offers a unique glimpse into the diversity of contemporary creative practice in four New England states: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Forty-four artists were chosen through a highly competitive jury process. While the exhibition showcases a wide range of approaches to materials and styles including representational, abstraction and conceptual art, there are noticeable common threads that run through the exhibition. Color photography is represented by numerous artists including Stella Johnson, Steven Smith, Lisa Kessler, Rania Matar, Linda Eastman, and Blake Ogden, each of whom works in a fine art documentary style and offers an in-depth investigation of subjects ranging from the humorous to the reflective. A number of artists including Sarah Bliss, Walter Kopec, Marcy Pope and Barbara Sullivan address social concerns, issues of consumption, and the fast-paced nature of contemporary culture. The landscape serves as inspiration for works by James Mullen, Richard Raiselis, Stephen Remick, and Ken Sahr; each painter works in a realist fashion, and several explore panoramic depictions of natural settings with shifting light and seasonal environmental conditions. Contemporary abstraction is reflected in the ornate, decorative cutouts of Resa Blatman, the layered images in works by Ingrid Ellison and Antoinette Winters, and the sumptuous surfaces in Joseph Haroutunian’s large-scale painting. Several pieces such as Patricia Brace and Gabriella D’Italia’s hand-quilted compositions employ labor-intensive patterning and color palettes that bring to mind ideas explored in hard-edge and minimalist abstract painting. The 82 works by the New England artists in this exhibition attest to the multitude of approaches to art-making and the pluralistic nature prevalent in contemporary art.

Kessler_Code Pink
Sean Downey - conjuring ritual large

Images: (top to bottom) Anne Sargent Walker, Lisa Kessler, Emily Leonard Trenholm, Resa Blatman, Stella Johnson, Sean Downey.

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Participating Artists:

June August, Susan S. Bank, Resa Blatman, Sarah Bliss, Patricia Brace, Gabriella D’Italia, Dan Dowd, Sean Downey, Adele R. Drake, Linda Eastman, Ingrid Ellison, J.T. Gibson , Joseph Haroutunian, Ayumi Ishii, Stella Johnson, Richard Keen, Lisa Kessler, Walter Kopec, Rania Matar, Tim McDonald, Mara Metcalf, Julie Miller, Hazel Mitchell, James Mullen, Blake D. Ogden, Christopher D. Peary, Marcy Pope, Barbara Putnam, Richard Raiselis, Stephen Remick, Beverly Rippel, Rebecca Rivers, Ken Sahr, Jo Sandman, Nancy Simonds, Steven B. Smith, Barbara Sullivan, Lorraine Sullivan, Emily Leonard Trenholm, Grace Vasta-Carr, MaryJean Viano Crowe, Anne Sargent Walker, Patricia Wheeler, Antoinette Winters