Hanging Drawings: Nancy Murphy Spicer

Hanging Drawings
Nancy Murphy Spicer

Hanging Drawings 1 NMS still 4

Nancy Murphy Spicer, who lives and works in the United Kingdom, often blurs the boundaries between two and three dimensional art in her conceptual-based works. Her expansive view of the process of drawing and questioning traditional mark-making materials is reflected in her Hanging Drawing installation. During the course of the exhibition Murphy Spicer’s wall drawing, which is constructed out of stripped and plied electrical tape and 50 pins, will be altered at several creative sessions. During these sessions students and museum visitors are invited to create their own wall drawing and then document their composition through photography or with drawing paper supplied in the gallery. Visitors may also view a video depicting several previously exhibited spontaneous and successive wall drawings.

The Boston Globe comments that the artist’s work is, “spare, oblique, and lacking in narrative. They don’t expect the viewer to make sense of them; rather, they invite you to engage and discover what the art provokes within you.” Murphy Spicer’s works are presented as part of the statewide visual arts initiative, Where to Draw the Line: The Maine Drawing Project.

Murphy Spicer has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions and has taught at the University of West of England, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Art Institute of Boston. She is represented by Carroll and Sons Gallery, Boston.