Gpoy, Gregory Kalliche


GPOY, which stands for Gratuitous Picture of Yourself, is Gregory Kalliche’s series exploring the idea of visual effects. Kalliche, who is based in New York, states “representations are ways we collectively depict and ultimately embody an anthropocentric nature.” UMMA’s Zillman Gallery becomes the setting for the artist’s 3D modeled animations and vinyl light stencil compositions. Through the artist’s inventive use of materials, the depiction of a table arranged with assorted food items takes on a new and grander meaning. Baskets of bananas, coffee carafes, sandwich platters and water bottles glimmer like a constellation in his light construction. Kalliche then singles out these elements in a video projection in which the portrayed subjects rotate and morph into new creations.

Craft Service , 2013 (detail) Scratched enamel on stretched vinyl, CFL daylight bulbs
Courtesy of the artist