The Constructed Body: Alisa Henriquez

May 13, 2016–September 10, 2016

In these constructed assemblages, I combine material gathered from popular and glamour culture with digitized and magnified images from contemporary media, art history, and autobiographical sources. In reconfiguring and reassembling these materials and images in figurative and totemic-like structures and constellation formats, I aim to explore the multiple histories, various beliefs, and at times contradictory notions of self that emerge.

In many of these works, digitized and distorted scans couple with supercharged materials like glitter, faux fur, synthetic hair, paint, and resin in ways that evoke Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, and Feminist Art. In other works, images and materials that draw from my personal history and art historical representations of women are utilized. Pill shaped forms contain images of Adam and Eve or other mythological figures and are often vertically stack in ways that reference Venus of Willendorf.  At other times, recurring motifs such as heavily mascaraed eyes, glossed lips, hair, and skin also conjure female fertility, sexuality, and desire, albeit through a different, media inspired lens. The encoded meanings and myths contained within such sources offer me much artistic fodder for examining the abstract dialogue, emblematic importance, and often fractured nature these material and media born identities reveal when positioned in the same space. In the end, I hope the cumulative effect is a series of works that challenge overly simplistic identity constructions while creating a complex viewing experience.

Alisa Henriques Makeover Culture Disfigured No. 1