Amy Beeler: Passion and Adornment

Featuring 21 works, Amy Beeler’s first solo museum exhibition explores the intersection of jewelry and sculpture in pieces rooted in her long-standing fascination with botanical forms. Using the lost-wax technique, Beeler has cast in silver an array of seed pods including milkweed, sweetgum, lotus, gumnut and datura. The organic, spiky forms are combined with hand-forged elements to create stunning, yet perhaps menacing, necklaces and boldly exaggerated rings. While at first glance these ornately designed creations are unmistakably elegant, wearing some would prove challenging, even to the most adventurous fashionista. These selected works use silver primarily as a medium. Yet in some the artist has also inventively incorporated freshwater and Tahitian pearls, Pyrex glass, 14k gold, jasper and even human hair. The Zillman Gallery is the setting for Beeler’s works, most of which were created in the past year.




Amy Beeler (American, born 1976)
top: (Over) Inflated Self Worth, 2014  Sterling silver
bottom:Your Entitlement II, 2014  Sterling silver
Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Penny Gentieu