Maine Seacapes by Josef Arentz (#16.2)

2000_13_50(Cape Elizabeth)-ArentzDescription
Pencil, charcoal, and color sketches of the turbulent Maine seacoast illustrate the drawing process.

Nine (9) 16×20″ matted drawings; educational material.



7-2000_13_22(Untitled Seascape with Waves and Sky)-Arentz5-2000_13_28(Untitled Seascape)-Arentz

2000_13_16(Untitled Seascape with Rocks)-Arentz

8-2000_13_58(Untitled Seascape with Highlights)-Arentz

3-2000_13_5(Untitled Seascape with Large Wave)-Arentz

9-2000_13_61(Untitled Seascape Rock Study)-Arentz

6-2000_13_24(Untitled Seascape)-Arentz2000_13_79(Untitled Seascape)-Arentz