Teacher Testimonials

What Teachers Say About Museums by Mail

“The school visits by the museum educator have been an important addition to our third grade art curriculum as we focus on learning to look at and talk about art. It is valuable as a stand-alone experience, to meet someone from the community who is a professional in the field and who brings a fresh perspective to our classes. These visits provide a positive introduction to the museum and what it has to offer students. It is also a perfect pre-visit opportunity for the children to be better prepared and to have the museum educator be a familiar face. I would encourage any teacher to take advantage of this very appropriate outreach activity.”

-Julie Cameron, 3rd grade teacher, Bangor, Maine

“Wow—these are wonderful! The first year I ordered Museums By Mail, they were so wonderful for students to view. We did a printmaking unit using the traveling exhibit! Thank you.”

“We love this program—always very excited when it arrives and extremely valuable to our studies. We love it!”

“I really appreciate the availability of these traveling works—we’re rural and ‘down there’ socio-economically. This brings ‘outside’ art in. Thanks.”

“I have used the traveling exhibits for years. When a package arrives, I review the contents and then work it into my curriculum.”

“This sounds wonderful, especially since we aren’t getting money for field trips anymore.”

“This program is a wonderful opportunity for all teachers and students! Bringing the Museums By Mail into a class always brings an excited buzz of activity. The enclosed histories, bios and information sheets are clear, interesting, helpful and well accepted. Your program is so wonderful! I can barely schedule one trip to a museum for a class, this great program allows 3 trips a year! Without ever leaving the building. Thank you so much for hanging on to this program, despite your budget crunch.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to show original art. Thank you!”

“I love the program! The staff and students at our school have enjoyed all of the exhibits!”

“My students really benefit from this program—thank you for doing it!”

“This program is certainly a wonderful opportunity to allow a lot of people to enjoy art.”

“You have a great list of exhibits. It was difficult to select only three! Due to massive school budget cuts, my students do not have the opportunity to take many field trips. Thank you for this creative alternative.”

“I look forward to this program each year. This format for the request form is well organized and easy to read.”

“We have enjoyed this program tremendously in the past and I have been able to incorporate much of the artwork into my lessons.”

“I have been very pleased with these exhibits! They help to show students possibilities they’ve not had!”

“Been receiving these wonderful exhibits for years. My Sp. Ed. kids and I are grateful!”

“Keep up the good work! This is a great resource for teachers!!”


To request a classroom visit, please email the museum or call 561-3350.