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Third Graders at Fruit Street School Enjoy Art Museum Experience
by Wendy Libby

University of Maine Museum of Art Education Coordinator Gina Platt visited third grade art classes at Fruit Street School. Students viewed various landscape artworks from the museum. They discussed similarities and differences in the work and noted the elements and principles of design used in the work. Students identified and described what they saw and tried to analyze and draw conclusions based on the work of art. Students then drew their own landscape pictures using the concepts of line, shape, color, texture, space, and distance.

The third grade classrooms furthered their art appreciation study with an opportunity to visit the University of Maine Museum of Art located at Norumbega Hall in downtown Bangor. The trip was funded from a grant through the City of Bangor’s Commission for Cultural Development. The exhibit at the museum during the students’ visit featured large landscapes.

All year during their art appreciation class students discuss various artists, styles, and techniques and have the opportunity to view slides, reproductions, videos, and books. They learn to talk about the art and appreciate the differences. The trip to the museum was a first experience to an art museum for many students and it was rewarding for them to see actual paintings, sculptures, prints, and photographs. Students viewed the exhibit titled “Five Landscapes.” They also viewed selections of art from the permanent collection.

Libby, Wendy. Communiqué, Spring 2006, p26.


Third Grade Students Learn About Photography
By Wendy Libby

Third grade students at Fruit Street School had an opportunity to learn about photography and photographers during one of their art classes. Gina Platt, the educational consultant from the University of Maine Art Museum, visited their classes this spring. With her she brought photographs from the museum for the students to view and discuss. They took part in activities which allowed them to observe subject matter, themes, view points, compositions, and details. The students were being introduced to the art of photography in preparation for a tour of the University of Maine Museum featuring exhibits of photographs.

Libby, Wendy. Communiqué, Spring 2007, p23.