Special Gallery Talks with artist John Bailly and Czech photographer Roman Franc

 Group of men with dogs near a fancy car

                                    ROMAN FRANC   –   SEPT 9, 2021 AT NOON                                         

Franc’s images range from the sensitive to the absurd, and from the humorous to the disconcerting. His passion for his art and his affable nature allow his subjects to reveal themselves with vulnerability and honesty.This exhibition is organized by the Zillman Art Museum and presented, in part, by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.



JOHN BAILLY     –     SEPT 10, 2021 AT 2 PM

Bailly is a French-American artist whose work speaks to the question of how we are who we are. His interest is in exploring our relationship to history, place and culture with an emphasis on the transatlantic dialogue. Multiple historical references, mythology, and the flora and fauna of the natural world are often present in his work.