Classroom Visits

Students engaging with art in their classroom

As many schools’ budgets have been cut, funding for field trips has been reduced or eliminated. Unfortunately, the opportunity to visit the Zillman and view actual art – not simply a reproduction – eludes many children in Maine. Realizing that children might not be able to come to the museum but that art might be brought to them, ZAM has developed a successful school visitation program.

Traveling throughout the state, ZAM’s Museum Educator presents work by various artists to the students. The visits are free and include opportunities for the students to study and explore the art while learning about the artists, their techniques and the Art Museum.

The enthusiastic responses to this program are encouraging and we will continue to offer it to Maine educators throughout the school year. Please help spread the word about this opportunity for a Museum Educator to visit a school in your area.

To request a classroom visit, call 581-3300.


Sample Programs


“The school visits by the museum educator have been an important addition to our third grade art curriculum as we focus on learning to look at and talk about art. It is valuable as a stand-alone experience, to meet someone from the community who is a professional in the field and who brings a fresh perspective to our classes. These visits provide a positive introduction to the museum and what it has to offer students. It is also a perfect pre-visit opportunity for the children to be better prepared and to have the museum educator be a familiar face. I would encourage any teacher to take advantage of this very appropriate outreach activity.”

-Julie Cameron, 3rd grade teacher, Bangor, Maine